2nd Central Asian MineTech Mining challenges competition

MineTech competition will be held alongside the Forum on 18-19 April with the aim of accelerating the transfer of the new technologies and supporting innovation in Central Asia’s mining sector


Mining companies looking for ingenious and unorthodox technological solutions are invited to participate in MineTech as Challengers by offering challenges.

All challenges must be submitted before 1 March 2018.

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Companies and start-ups looking for practical implementation of their inventions are invited to pitch major mining companies at the MineTech Central Asia mining challenges competition.

All presentation applications must be submitted before 15 March.

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Organisers are inviting Companies and specialists interested in assessing inventions and technologies proposed for MineTech competition.

Please contact the Forum secretariat before 1 March 2018 the to discuss participation options.


About MineTech

About MineTech competition

MineTech – competition of mining challenges and solutions will be held on 18-19 April alongside MINEX Central Asia 2018 Forum.

MineTech competition is a novel way for winning new business and presenting mining solutions in Central Asia. Launched in 2017 at MINEX Central Asia Forum in Kazakhstan, MineTech competition (http://minexasia.com/2017/minetech) created new format for winning new businesses and selecting mining solutions.

Mpodcast-folder-smooth-iconineTech competition concept

Finding the best possible technological solution for a mine planning, construction, modernisation or closure is a complex task and often involves creative approach and analysis of alternative offers. Striving to achieve greater efficiency in knowledge exchange and engagement between the local mining companies and international vendors the MINEX Forum Secretariat is organising MineTech competition of mining challenges and solutions.

The competition is designed around a win-win formula:

Participating in the competition a mining company can achieve a number of objectives. The obvious one is to potentially resolve a technical challenge and broaden the receive a wide spectrum of turnkey solutions from local and international providers. The company may also use the competition to stimulate internal innovation.The vendors will have a chance to demonstrate the application of their products and technologies for resolving specific cases.The forum delegates will participate in lively discussions and learn about new technologies and solutions.

After the competition the mining companies will be able to create a super challenge and invite the winners to implement the proposed solutions.

Participation options:

Challenger –  a mining company of organisation offering up a case or technological challenge

Contender – a person who takes up MineTech challenge and proposes to present solution at the competition

Delegate – a person watching presentation and taking part in the Q&As  (free admission)

Enter competition

MineTech Competition

Please submit ASAP but not later than 15 March 2018
  • In order to market your appearance at this event via the event website and publications please complete the form and send through the items stated below as soon as possible or by the RSVP DATES listed below. By completing this form you agree to provide the forum organisers timely information about all changes. In case of the cancellation of your participation in the Forum you agree to offer organisers for consideration an alternative speaker (subject to his/her availability and ability to travel).
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    Please submit before 2 April 2018: admin@minexforum.com
    • Speaker’s slides in PDF format (to be included in the forum’s CD)
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    Please submit before 9 April 2018: admin@minexforum.com
    • Speaker’s slides in PowerPoint format (to be presented on screen). Please note PDF files are not accepted
    for on-­‐screen presentation. The slides should be sent to: admin@minexforum.com
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