The 9th MINEX Central Asia Forum will take on 17-19 April 2018 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

Organised under the central theme “Central Asia – moving up with the buoyant markets” the Forum will offer an industry-wide discussion strategic rethinking of the economic priorities and emerging role of the mining industry as a potential backbone for economic growth of the mineral-rich countries of Central Asia.

Local and international companies whose professional interests are aligned with the Central Asia Mining Industry are cordially invited to shape up ideas and present their vision for new business and investment opportunities at MINEX Central Asia 2018 Forum in Astana.

Call-for-speakersThe Forum agenda will cover the following main areas:

• Managing projects in evolving regulatory environment
• Adapting new technologies (from exploration and mining to processing and mine site reclamation)
• Exploration and mineral resource development
• Funding mining and exploration projects

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About the Forum

Горнопромышленный форум «МАЙНЕКС Центральная Азия» проводится с 2010-го года. Это крупнейшее и наиболее авторитетное международное мероприятие в горнорудной отрасли, где профессионально и с различных позиций обсуждаются проблемы и перспективы освоения минерально-сырьевого потенциала стран Центрально-Азиатского региона.

В форуме участвует более 300 руководителей горно-металлургических компаний, представители отраслевых министерств и геологических агентств, инвестиционных компаний и банков, сервисных компаний и производителей оборудования для горнорудной отрасли из Казахстана, стран Евразийского Экономического Союза и дальнего зарубежья.

Форум МАЙНЕКС Центральная Азия в 2017 году собрал более 300 делегатов из 23 стран

Около 80% участников форума являются топ-руководителями и участвуют в принятии корпоративных и производственных решений

В выставочной экспозиции участвовало 17 горнодобывающих и технологических компаний

На форуме было представлено более 70 проблемных докладов

Форум поддержали 10 корпоративных спонсоров

Главными партнёрами форума были Министерство Инвестиций и Развития Республики Казахстан, Департамент Международной Торговли Великобритании (DIT), Агентство содействия торгово-экономического развития Германии (GIZ) и Ассоциация горнодобывающих и горно-металлургических предприятий» (АГМП).

Работу форума освещали 15 национальных и международных средств массовой информации.

Бизнес-акселератор МайнВенчур предоставил платформу для привлечения финансирования проектов на ранней стадии развития

Конкурс МайнТек предложил новый формат для презентации инновационных решений для
горнодобывающей отрасли Казахстана 

Профиль участников по деятельности

Добывающие и геолого-поисковые компании – 34% Горные консультанты – 16% Представители власти – 12% Технологические компании – 9 % Финансовые и инвестиционные компании – 7% СМИ – 7%  Академические организации – 5% Производители машин и оборудования – 4% Отраслевые ассоциации – 3% Юристы и аудиторы – 2% Строительные компании – 1 %

Корпоративный профиль участников форума

Высшее руководство и менеджмент – 72%Госчиновники – 9%Главные геологи – 7%Главные инженеры – 6%Учёные – 3%Журналисты – 3%



MINEX Central Asia Forum – addressing Mining Challenges

To maintain sustainable development, mining companies need to continuously invest in the renewal of mineral resources, infrastructure development, personnel training and business processes improvement. The prolonged period of low prices and unstable demand for metals continued to weigh on the investment attractiveness and profitability of the mining businesses in Central Asia. Against this background, most companies continue to give priority to the optimisation of production, ensuring profitability and ROI, and the consolidation of assets.

Constant improvement of efficiency and reduction of costs presents a great challenge to many mining enterprises, as mistakes can be very costly. The success of modern mining enterprise relies on many internal and external factors. How efficient is the management? Is there a good knowledge and skills set? Do the leaders and operational managers work in sync and share the same goals? Are the right technologies and equipment being used to achieve best results? Is there a culture for innovation and self-improvement? The word “innovation” is no longer a tribute to fashion.

Ability of companies to innovate is the main pre-requisite for keeping up with the low margins and challenging environment. MINEX Central Asia 2018 Forum will stimulate practical discussion on how local and international businesses innovate to meet regulatory changes, adapt new technologies, manage social and safety pressures, fund and develop projects, and much more.


The Forum offers opportunities 

to discuss changes in mining regulation in the countries of Central Asia

to present investment projects and industrial developments

to organise meetings with potential investors and partners

to examine alternative funding options for developing projects

to facilitate cross border trade and investment discussions

to improve practical knowledge of local mining managers and specialists

to introduce innovative technologies and solutions in exploration, mining and processing

to benchmark the region’s subsoil use practices with the international standards

to share experiences in improving operational processes throughout the entire production cycle of a mining business from exploration to reclamation


Events program

Master classes (17 April) on hot topics related to economic efficiency of mining processes and case studies on applying innovative technology.
Associated events (18-19 April). Partners of the forum are planning a number of events alongside the mainstream sessions.
Plenary and technical sessions (18-19 April), devoted to the issues of legal support of the mining industry; risk assessment and prospects for attracting investments for new subsoil assets; introduction of advanced standards of social and environmental responsibility in mining sector; introduction of “smart” technologies, etc.
The exhibition (18-19 April), organised within the framework of the forum, will provide participants with an opportunity to be acquainted with innovative technologies of exploration, evaluation, extraction and practical experience of their implementation in enterprises.
MineVenture Investment Accelerator Competition (18-19 April) will provide participants with an opportunity to present projects to a group of investors and banks interested in supporting the development of new subsoil assets.
MineTech Technology Accelerator Competition (18-19 April) will offer a platform for the presentation of technical challenges and solutions for mining enterprises.
Gala dinner (19 April). Awarding of the winners of the MineVenture and MineTech competitions will take place in at the gala dinner at the forum.
Business Networking program (18-19 April). An extensive program of business networking  will be organised during the forum.Themed lunches. Communicating with like-minded people in an informal setting at the lunch table will become a new tradition at the forum. To unite participants by interests, the signs with the names of thematic sections will be placed on the tables. The forum participants interested in gathering like-minded people during lunches, will be able to offer themselves as “toastmasters”, having previously announced the topic of the lunch discussion.Business meetings with exhibitors and speakers. Prior to the forum, participants can contact a speaker or exhibitor via their personal page on the forum website, request information or discuss meeting arrangements.Business meetings with foreign delegations. Participants will have an opportunity to hold individual meetings with delegations of foreign companies and organisations participating in the forum.

Forum themes

Forum sessions will cover the following main areas

Finance (2)
Mining regulation
Mine Economics
Social Licence to Operate
Mining Finance
Mining Projects
Mineral Exploration
Surface Mining
Geological data management
Mining Sustainability
Underground Mining
Innovative technologies
Mineral Processing

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