The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) is a major international engineering institution which exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering, geology, mining, mineral and petroleum engineering and extraction metallurgy. IOM3 is a leading authority in the worldwide materials and mining community, with interests encompassing the complete materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse.

IOM3 is the professional body for the international materials, minerals and mining community, providing professional accreditation and qualifications, training and professional development. Numbering over 18,000 individuals worldwide, members come from a variety of backgrounds, from students to company chief executives. Members qualify for different grades of membership, ranging from Affiliate to Fellow, depending on academic qualifications and professional experience. Our professional development programme helps contribute to members’ career enhancement towards senior grades of membership, as well as Chartered Engineer (CEng), Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) status.

IOM3 offers its members all the benefits of a large professional engineering institution: library and information services, professional and academic publications, technical conferences, training courses, members’ magazines, prestige London headquarters, regional offices, and a network of local societies.

The IOM3 Industry Affiliate Scheme (IAS) is designed to support companies in the selection and use of appropriate materials and processes for innovative products and services. IAS offers organisations the benefits of IOM3 membership along with access to its unrivalled knowledge and understanding of engineering materials and their processing.

More information about IOM3 and its activities is available at

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining,

297 Euston Road, London NW1 3AD

Tel: 020 7451 7300

Mining & Metals Guide

Mining & Metals Guide is an annual guide for Kazakhstan’s mining and metallurgical sector, featuring analytical reviews, interviews with experts, data on key market players, statistics and information for decision-making.

Mining & Metals Guide has a status of Official publication of Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress and it is also available at key industry events, including MINEX Central Asia Forum and the expositions – Mintech, Mining Week and MiningWorld Central Asia.

Mining & Metals Guide is one of best-in-class products of Kazakhstan Business Guide Company, having over 20 years of experience in business media publishing, including the magazines Kazakhstan, InvestKazakhstan, Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan, as well as the Investor’s Guide to Kazakhstan.

Phone/fax: +7 727 266 25 07

Mining and Metallurgical Industry

Республиканский журнал «Горно-металлургическая промышленность» учрежден ОЮЛ «Республиканская ассоциация горнодобывающих и горно-металлургических предприятий» в 2008году. На страницах журнала с различных сторон отображается проводимая предприятиями ГМК работа по внедрению инновационных технологий, модернизации производства, реализации программ снижения уровня производственного травматизма, повышению производительности труда и социальной ответственности, подготовки кадров и пр. Издание способствует обмену передовым опытом в отрасли. Журнал аккредитован в Администрации Президента РК, Парламенте РК, министерствах и ведомствах РК. Периодичность-12 номеров в год; подписной индекс по каталогу АО «Казпочта» -74112.

г. Астана, ул.Кунаева 12/1, 2-й этаж
тел.: +77172689617
моб.тел.: +77057556979

Argus Media

Argus Media is an independent media organisation with more than 800 staff. Argus was founded in 1970 and is a privately held UK-registered company. It is owned by staff shareholders and global growth equity firm General Atlantic. It is headquartered in London and has 21 offices in the world’s principal commodity trading and production centres.

Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, LPG, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries. Data provided by Argus are widely used for indexation of physical trade. Companies, governments and international agencies use Argus information for analysis and planning purposes.

Казахстанский горнопромышленный портал – это специализированный Internet-ресурс в Центрально-Азиатском регионе, посвященный горной промышленности.
Ежедневные новости горной промышленности Центрально-Азиатского региона и Мира, поиск специализированных геологоразведочных, строительных и проектных организаций, контакты с недропользователями, инвесторами и поставщиками оборудования, обмен передовым опытом и технологиями, анализ тенденций развития горнодобывающей отрасли – это


The Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association was founded in 2004 with a mandate to enhance and support trade, investment and good relations between the countries of Canada, Eurasia and Russia. CERBA is a unique non- for-profit organization having a network of over 180 corporations. To meet the dynamic needs of its growing membership it has established seven chapters located in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Moscow and Almaty. As an association, CERBA provides an extensive network of contacts in the private and public sectors with frequent events, informative seminars on pertinent topics in the Eurasian market, a bi-annual business summit, a quarterly printed Newsletter, committees of the Canada-Russia Business Council (CRBC) and Kazakhstan-Canada Business Council (KCBC), and annual trade missions. Additionally, CERBA provides market intelligence, advocates with the Canadian and Eurasian government on key issues, and manages active sector-based committees to promote partnership between CERBA members and their counterparts in Eurasia.


Mining South & East Europe, MiningSEE , is the upgraded platform of successful project MiningWatchSEE. MiningWatchSEE introduced in the focus region the balanced approach of environment friendly & responsible mining.
MiningSEE serves as a information hub & relay platform for natural resources industries, primarily focused on Mining Exploration and Environment Impacts of Mining.
MiningSEE aims to communicate with all mining & natural resources industry participants. Investors, developers, medias, IFIs, Environment NGOs and networks. MiningSEE work is supported by mining focused NGOs and consultancies.

Каталог Минералов

Каталог Минералов: всё о драгоценных камнях и минералах!

Наш сайт это научно популярный журнал: основная часть – виртуальная коллекция минералов и драгоценных камней. На сайте вы найдете фотографии, описания и тематические статьи по минералогии и истории камня.
Так же на сайте ежедневно обновляемая новостная лента о геологии, минералогии, горном деле. Публикуются анонсы интересных мероприятий и событий.
На форуме каталога минералов ежедневно ведётся обсуждение геологических и окологеологических тем.
Раздел Месторождения полезных ископаемых содержит информацию о многих минералогически интересных районах мира.

+7 (925) 364-29-87
г. Москва, ул. Миклухо-Маклая, 23

Мы в соцсетях:

Media KHOLDING economy and energy Russia

One of the leading periodic business publications of Russia in B2B sector covering the situation in the economy as a whole and its fuel and energy complex in particular. Quarterly magazine that publishes interviews, articles and comments of the heads of ministries and Federal agencies of the Russian Government, state Duma deputies and members of Federation Council, regional governors, top managers of large companies, experts and other representatives of political and business elite of Russia. Published with the support of the state Duma and the Federation Council, profile ministries.

First Eurasian Business magazine Business World Kazakhstan

Business World of Kazakhstan is
First Eurasian business magazine;
Official media partner of the business events in EAEU countries;
Kazakhstani brand, which represents Kazakhstan at international dialogue platforms;
Information platform for exchange of experience, views, for showcasing capabilities and partner search.

The magazine has been around for more than 7 years, with a circulation of 7000 copies, applies to international forums, conferences and exhibitions EAEU countries, through e-mail and address in the partner companies.
The target audience of the magazine are statesmen and public figures; diplomats and civil servants; business owners and top managers of companies.

“Globus: geology and business” is an information journal

The territory of distribution is Russia, Kazakhstan and the Uzbekistan. The journal is disseminated in a package by courier delivery, open display and subscription.

CIRCULATION: 9,000 copies.

periodicity: 1 issue in 2.5 months, 5 issues per year

The strategy of “Globus” journal unites two concepts: “business” and “specialized”. The main advantage of such an approach is that the materials presented for the managing staff in the field of subsurface use are up-to-date. Thus, any manager can get relevant information about the market trends.

An important technical feature of the journal is 3D photo projects. Each issue contains a portfolio of on-the-spot photomaterials. Photography is performed by the journal’s photographers, who go to the enterprises located in any spot of Russia and the CIS. Each issue of the journal is equipped with special 3D glasses for viewing photos.

3D photo projects outline the journal from the Mass media at different events, attract attention to the edition and allow to gain its reader. Such on-the-spot photo stories demonstrate how closely the journal cooperates with mining companies.

Mines and Technology 2017

Mines and Technology 2017 will focus on Optimising Mining Efficiency with cutting edge technologies. Based on the practical case studies from the leading mining companies in the world and presentations from innovative solution providers, Mines and Technology will address only the most critical topics and concerns of the target-market and which technologies are best placed to address these.

Mines and Technology will also be an important networking and meeting event for the industry. We will bring together only the most senior decision-makers from the mining industry for the mutual benefit of all participants in the event.

Mines and Technology has been constructed to maximise networking opportunities and discussion for all involved. With networking breaks, panel discussions and evening networking receptions, Mines & Technology is the event-to-attend for the technology sector.

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Arne Renstrom, Senior Mining Manager, Boliden
  • Claude Schimper, Regional Vice President, Russia, Kinross Gold Corporation
  • Greg Harmandayan, IM Project Manager, DeBeers Group
  • Jenny Greberg, Program Manager, STRIM Programme
  • Oleg Maksimov, Deputy COO, NordGold

Take a look at the event website to find out the full list of speakers, download the event programme and register here.

Mines and Technology event in Helsinki (29 – 31 May 2017) is quickly approaching and you can still claim your FREE EXPO pass by registering via:

Mines and Technology are looking forward seeing you at the event! is a site providing Internet-related services and information to/for the sheet metal fabrication industry. Created in 1999, the site receives thousands of visitors per month from all over the globe and features a variety of useful resources for the sheet metal fabrication industry. These include a comprehensive online directory (which you can list your company in free), details of forthcoming exhibitions, sheet metal magazines, online tutorials, calculators and much more. The site is developed and maintained by award-winning author Martin Bailey.

Mining magazine of Kazakhstan

The scientific and technological as well as a production journal, full-color illustrated publication. It has been published bi-monthly since 2003, its circulation amounts to 1500 copies, each issue carrying a brief Kazakh, Russian and English summary of the materials published. Provides exhaustive information on matters relating to the development of deposits, new technologies, mining transport and processing equipment, mining geology, ecology etc.

Subscription indices – 75807 in the catalogues of the «Kazpost», «Evrika – press», «KAZ PRESS», «Ural-Press Yekaterinburg» (Russia) agency.