Speakers and panellists

Agris Preimanis
Agris Preimanis
Associate Director, Regional Lead Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Kazakhstan and wider Central Asia region: heightened risks

  • Alexander Boytsov
    Alexander Boytsov
    Director of Resources Development Program, Uranium One Group
  • Sustainable Development of In Situ Leach Uranium - Time Challenges

  • Alexander Gareev
    Alexander Gareev
    Managing Director, Eurasian Development Bank
  • Financing mining industry in unfavorable market conditions.

  • Alexander Lopatnikov
    Alexander Lopatnikov
    Managing Director, American Appraisal (Russia)
  • Investment Risks and Decision Making in Mining

  • Alexander Prikhodko
    Alexander Prikhodko
    Regional Managing Director, Kazgeotech / Geotech Ltd.
  • The role of modern airborne geophysical technologies in an intensification of the study of subsoil.

  • Alexey Kaplan
    Alexey Kaplan
    Director of the Kazakhstan branch, STC-Geotechnology
  • Cost management of the mining companies: the capabilities, limitations and methods

  • Alexey Shalashinski
    Alexey Shalashinski
    Head of sales, DMT
  • Introduction and foreword address.

  • Alexey Tsoy
    Alexey Tsoy
    Business Development Manager, CSA Global

    Alison Morley
    Alison Morley
    Country Manager - Kazakhstan, Iluka Resources

    Alla Chepcheva
    Alla Chepcheva
    Director of Geology Department, Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS "TERRA"
  • Some results of applying remote sensing data with ASTER and WorldView-3 (SWIR) to fragment lithological varieties of rocks.

  • Alper Akdeniz
    Alper Akdeniz
    Chairman of Eurasia, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

    Antony Benham
    Antony Benham
    Chief Operations Officer, IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd
  • The Role of Geodata in Encouraging Investment in Exploration and Mining

  • Anvar Rakhimov
    Anvar Rakhimov
    Deputy CEO, Kemp-Vostok, LLP
  • Kemp-Vostok: investment opportunity

  • Armen Abrahamyan
    Armen Abrahamyan
    Head of Technical Services Department, «Voskhod-Oriel» LLP Chromite Mine, Yilmaden Holding

    Asset Issekeshev
    Asset Issekeshev
    Minister of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Welcome speech

  • Axel Oppermann
    Axel Oppermann
    Busines Development Manager (Global Mining - Tailings), Fugro
  • The challenge of tailings remining – A new innovative and cost effective approach

  • Ayatbek Mustafayev
    Ayatbek Mustafayev
    Director, TOO “Balkhash Prospecting company”
  • Aktas Gold deposit in the Karaganda region.

  • Baurzhan Duisebayev
    Baurzhan Duisebayev
    Adviser, JSC "Volkovgeologia"
  • In-situ leaching - the advanced solution for minerals extraction in the 21th century

  • Baurzhan Ibrayev
    Baurzhan Ibrayev
    Chief Operations and NFC Officer, Kazatomprom
  • Current state and development prospects of "Kazatomprom" National Atomic Company.

  • Bazarbay Nurabayev
    Bazarbay Nurabayev
    Chairman, Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use
  • Improvement of legislation in the field of geology and subsoil use - new opportunities for investment in exploration in Kazakhstan

  • Bulat Uzhkenov
    Bulat Uzhkenov
    Chairman of the Board, JSC "Volkovgeolgia"
  • The mineral resource base of uranium in Kazakhstan.

  • Carolyn Browne
    Carolyn Browne
    British Ambassador to Kazakhstan, British Embassy Kazakhstan
  • Welcome speech
  • Welcome remark

  • Christian Kamill
    Christian Kamill
    Ambassador of Sweden to Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, Embassy of Sweden
  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Christopher Bonson
    Christopher Bonson
    Principal Consultant (Structural Geology), SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
  • Near mine exploration
  • Geotechnical Data Collection Using Modern Downhole Geophysicical Methods.

  • Constantin Zhydko
    Constantin Zhydko
    Director - Metals & Mining Finance, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Financing the mining industry

  • Craig Annison
    Craig Annison
    Manager, Sales and Marketing, CGG Multiphysics
  • Advanced Airborne Geophysics for Exploration

  • Dan Wang
    Dan Wang
    Executive Vice President, Silk Road Fund
  • Facilitating diversified investment and financing to promote China-Kazakhstan cooperation

  • David Pearce
    David Pearce
    General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
  • Improving efficiencies - a road-map for the next decade

  • Davron Rustamkulov
    Davron Rustamkulov
    Chief Investment Officer, Verny Capital
  • Building value of mining assets in current economic climate

  • Denis Kovalenko
    Denis Kovalenko
    Consultant Geologist, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
  • Reconciliation of geological models and operational data for minimization of project risks

  • Diyar Ereshev
    Diyar Ereshev
    Managing Partner, Director for Legal Matters, Olympex Advisers

    Dmitry Shpnev
    Dmitry Shpnev
    Deputy Head of Representative Office, Avtotekhinmash LLC
  • BUSINESS CASE: BELAZ - in tune with the times.

  • Duishenbek Zilaliev
    Duishenbek Zilaliev
    Director, State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • The development of the mining industry of the Kyrgyz Republic

  • Erbol Zakariyanov
    Erbol Zakariyanov
    Deputy Executive Director, Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises

    Gary Hodgkinson
    Gary Hodgkinson
    Director, Mining and Exploration in Central Asia, Rio Tinto 

    Igor Vlassiouk
    Igor Vlassiouk
    Country Manager, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Central Asia, Kazakhstan / Azerbaijan / Central Asia, Business Sweden

    Inna Popova
    Inna Popova
    Project Geologist, Aranz Geo Limited
  • Fast innovation in geological modelling for the mining industry

  • Ivan Maximov
    Ivan Maximov
    Principal Consultant, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
  • Consideration of environmental and social aspects in mining project development in accordance with accepted international standards

  • Jacky Sik-Lap Chan
    Jacky Sik-Lap Chan
    Vice President - Mining, KPC Fortis Investment Limited
  • Development of potash salt deposits in Kazakhstan.

  • Jon Edwards
    Jon Edwards
    Chief Representative – China Office, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

    Juergen te Kook
    Juergen te Kook
    Senior expert Strata Support and Geotechnic, DMT
  • Application of modern tools and practices in resolving geotechnical challenges of Yidrim Voskhod mine

  • Jukka Maksimainen
    Jukka Maksimainen
    Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company Kazakhstan

    Julia Boiko
    Julia Boiko
    General Director, Wardell Armstrong Russia and Kazakhstan
  • New accents in Kazakhstan’s mining industry as drivers of competitive advantage.

  • Kanat Dosmukametov
    Kanat Dosmukametov
    Managing Director, Representative Office in Kazakhstan, Polymetal Int.
  • Implementation of Kyzyl project

  • Marat Khakimzhanov
    Marat Khakimzhanov
    Consultant Geologist, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
  • SRK's Tips and Tricks for Improving Mine Efficiency

  • Martin Pittuck
    Martin Pittuck
    Corporate Consultant (Mining Geology), SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
  • Resource estimation and open pit grade control. Underground grade control.

  • Max Brown
    Max Brown
    Principal Geotechnical Engineer, SRK Consulting UK Ltd
  • Mining Geotechnics - Advances in Data Capture Techniques

  • Mikhail Leskov
    Mikhail Leskov
    Board member, Russian Gold Producers Union
  • Investment Risks and Decision Making in Mining

  • Natalia Khoroshevskaya
    Natalia Khoroshevskaya
    Deputy CEO, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
  • Stock Exchange's tools for a company financing

  • Nataliya Tarasova
    Nataliya Tarasova
    Coordinator, Russia & CIS, MINEX Forum

    Nicholas Bridgen
    Nicholas Bridgen
    CEO, Ferro-Alloy Resources Limited

    Nikolai Yenshin
    Nikolai Yenshin
    General Manager, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd
  • Kazakhstan’s professional subsoil experts’ society – PONEN.

  • Nikolay Konovalov
    Nikolay Konovalov
    Regional Director, Scania Mining AB
  • BUSINESS CASE: Scania for mining industry

  • Nikolay Radostovets
    Nikolay Radostovets
    Executive director, Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises
  • Kazakhstan’s mining code - step towards investors

  • Nurzhan Temirgaliyev
    Nurzhan Temirgaliyev
    Vice President, ScholzvonGleich

    Oleg Telnoi
    Oleg Telnoi
    Director, Kounrad Copper Company LLP // Central Asia Metals plc
  • Expansion of Production Capacity of Kounrad Waste Dumps SX-EW Copper Recovery Plant

  • Onur Karakaya
    Onur Karakaya
    Senior Geologist, Yilmaden Holding
  • Voskhod mine development project technical challenges

  • Pavel Babayants
    Pavel Babayants
    Chief Geophysist, Aerogeophysica Inc
  • The possibilities of forecasting low contrasting mineralization (including gold mineralization) through integrated aerogeophysical data.

  • Phil Newall
    Phil Newall
    Managing Director, Wardell Armstrong International Ltd

    Ros Lund
    Ros Lund
    Specialist – High Value Opportunities Programme, Mining & Infrastructure, UK Trade & Investment
  • Coming out from the cold: the opportunities for mining investment in Mongolia

  • Ruslan Baimishev
    Ruslan Baimishev
    CEO, Kazgeoinform
  • Geological information delivery

  • Rustem Ospanov
    Rustem Ospanov
    Partner, RCG Investment Advisor LLC
  • Private equity funds - RCG's entry and exit strategies. Growth of capitalization of mining companies after IPO - example of JSC "BAST".

  • Sanzhar Kettebekov
    Sanzhar Kettebekov
    CEO, Autonomous Cluster Fund (Almaty Tech Garden)
  • Presentation of the Mining industry Competence Center (MICC) jointly with McKinsey & Company Kazakhstan

  • Saule Urazayeva
    Saule Urazayeva
    Executive director, KAZRC Association
  • Kazakhstan's Code for Public reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZRC Code) - goals, objectives and implementation plans.

  • Scania
  • Business case 1

  • Sergei Sabanov
    Sergei Sabanov
    Principal Consultant (Mining Engineering), SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
  • Risks and Opportunities Evaluation in Mining Projects

  • Sergey Breus
    Sergey Breus
    General Director, Ulba Konversiya LLP
  • Panel discussion

  • Sergey Kiselev
    Sergey Kiselev
    Principal, McKinsey & Company Kazakhstan
  • Industry 4.0. Opportunities for improving productivity and innovation in mining & metals industry.

  • Sergey Nikishichev
    Sergey Nikishichev
    PhD (Economics), FIMMM (Competent person, Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining), expert OERN, MISiS MBA lecturer, Director, IMC Montan
  • The development of public reporting systems on reserves and resources in EAEC countries

  • Serik Syzdykov
    Serik Syzdykov
    CEO, RG Gold LLP
  • RG Gold

  • Stefan Scholz
    Stefan Scholz
    Managing Partner, ScholzvonGleich

    Tanya Matveeva
    Tanya Matveeva
    Senior Geologist, Behre Dolbear Minerals Industry Advisors
  • Exploration Licensing and access to geological information - Canadian experience

  • Tatiana Makienko
    Tatiana Makienko
    Deputy Chairman of the Board for Legal Affairs, ERG, ERG
  • Mining Code: what subsoil users expect?

  • Tatiana Sedova
    Tatiana Sedova
    Consultant, The World Bank Country office in Kazakhstan
  • EITI as a mean for achieving transparency and communty dialogue on extractive issues

  • Tengiz Bolturuk
    Tengiz Bolturuk
    President, Syrymbet JSC
  • Syrymbet Tin Project

  • Timur Odilov
    Timur Odilov
    Associate, White & Case Kazakhstan

    Timur Toktabayev
    Timur Toktabayev
    Director of Subsoil Use Department, Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The background of the existing subsoil use legislation`s reforming

  • Timur Turlov
    Timur Turlov
    General Director, Freedom finance
  • IPO – modern and effective way of capital formation.

  • Valery Machulov
    Valery Machulov
    Strategic director, Modular Mining Systems EurAsia, Ltd.
  • BUSINESS CASE: Modern mining and transport complex control system - reducing tool costs by mining operations in the current economic environment.

  • Victor Kovalenko
    Victor Kovalenko
    Senior Manager, Head of Cleantech and Sustainability Services in Central Asia, Ukraine and Belarus., EY

    Vladimir Los
    Vladimir Los
    Chief Geologist, Mining Economic Consulting Company
  • Prognosis of hidden ore objects on the basis of phase geochemistry: technology, application experience, perspectives.

  • Vladislav Portnov
    Vladislav Portnov
    Director General, Mongolian Mining United Investment Company
  • Investment potential of Mongolian rock-gold deposits via acquiring junior companies

  • Wolfram Felfer
    Wolfram Felfer
    Borehole Geophysics Service Manager/Managing Director, Fugro Austria GmbH
  • Borehole Geophysical Methods for the Evaluation of Geotechnical Ground Parameters
  • Integrated Geophysical Investigation to Manage Exploration Drilling Risk

  • Yerlan Ramazanov
    Yerlan Ramazanov
    Principal Banker, Energy and Natural Resources, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • EBRD: Financing of Mining Projects

  • Yevgeniy Bolgert
    Yevgeniy Bolgert
    Managing director, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan

    Yuri Kantemirov
    Yuri Kantemirov
    SAR expert, SOVZOND Company
  • BUSINESS CASE: Satellite SAR monitoring of Ground and Construction replacements and deformations