Speaker presentation terms

Are you considering participation in the Forum and interested in becoming a speaker? Find opportunities, application forms and deadlines below.


All presenters must pre-register for the Forum and pay the registration fee unless exceptions were pre-agreed with the Organisers. Please see admission terms here.

Proposed presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.

Should you wish to present at the Plenary or Technical session of the Forum, please complete before 31 March Speaker application + Delegate or Exhibitor registration forms.


Speaker form +  Delegate form


or Speaker form + Exhibitor form


NB: Speakers presenting on behalf of sponsor or exhibitor will be provided with a complimentary admission in accordance with the sponsorship and exhibitor terms.


Speaker application cut-off date

In order to market your presentation appearance at this event via the event website and advertising please complete speaker application form before 1 March.

Once your application has been accepted please remember to submit the following materials:

Admission form

Submit admission form and arrange payment of the Forum fee prior to the event (applicable to independent speakers who did not register as Sponsors or Exhibitors)

Presentation materials

Submit before 1 April 2016: admin@minexforum.com

  • Speaker’s slides in PDF format (to be included in the forum’s CD)
  • Handout notes in PDF format (to be included in the forum’s CD)

Submit before 4 April 2016: admin@minexforum.com

  • Speaker’s slides in PowerPoint format (to be presented on screen). Please note PDF files are not accepted for on-screen presentation. The slides should be sent to: admin@minexforum.com
  • If the file size exceeds 10 MB, please upload it on free ftp server: http://wikisend.com or https://www.dropbox.com and email the link to the file to admin@minexforum.com