Poster session

poster-sessionA poster presentation empowers delegates with additional opportunities to interact with other Forum participants.

Poster boards will be organised alongside exhibition on 20 and 21 April where delegates will be able meet their peers and answer questions one-on-one basis.

The cost of setting poster presentation in the networking area is £ 150 GBP

Poster modules should comply with the following technical requirements.

Accepted poster formats:  Portrait / Vertical. A0, A1 or A3 

Material: Plain, Coated or Laminated Paper up to 300 gsm 

Poster template examples: 

Poster board dimensions: 100 cm width x 250 cm height

Poster artwork in PDF format must be submitted to admin @  before 4 April 2016for approval

Approved posters will be assigned with a numbered Poster Board and venue

Poster mounting: From 8 am on 20 April 2016.

Please note that Blue Tack adhesive will be provided to avoid damage to the poster board. Damage to the board resulting from the use of other adhesives will be subject to up 200 GBP fine

Poster dismounting:  From 6 pm on 21 April 2016.