Tanya Matveeva

Senior Geologist,
Behre Dolbear Minerals Industry Advisors

Tanya has started her career as a keen young geologist, roaming the snow-covered steppes of Northern Kazakhstan, in search for gold. First 5 years of her career were spent with BHP Exploration, based out of Moscow, working on projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Australia. She then spent 11 years in Canada, working on exploration for diamonds and gold in Nunavut, base metals in British Columbia and uranium, coal and shale gas in Alberta. Seeking new adventures, she moved to the Netherlands, and started working in Africa, evaluating opportunities for rutile in Cameron, tin in Rwanda, bauxite in Guinea and iron ore in Tasmania. She is now working for Behre Dolbear Minerals Industry Advisors based in Kent, UK. In the last two years worked in Kazakhstan on evaluation of tungsten and gold projects.

Exploration Licensing and access to geological information - Canadian experience


Canada has been on topping all existing rankings as destination for mineral explorers for many years now. Natural endowment, long history of mining and political stability are important, but efficient policies are certainly vital ingredients in attracting investment dollars. Provincial governments are constantly working on improving access to land and access to geological information, in order to encourage mineral exploration. In this presentation I will review and compare rules in British Columbia and Ontario.

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