Saule Urazayeva

Executive director,
KAZRC Association

1979. Graduated with honours from the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute. Speciality-"mining engineer-geophysicist."
Scientific degree- Candidate of Technical Sciences (1997, Moscow).
36 years in Geology and Subsoil Use industry.
1979-1997. Work in the system of the Ministry of Geology and Subsoil Protection of Kazakhstan. Geophysicist, senior geophysicist, head of scientific and technical information department, the general director of the Information Analytical Center of mineral resources of Kazakhstan.
1997-1998. The Ministry of Natural Resources of RK-head of the department of environmental planning projects.
1998-2003. Work in the National Company JSC "KazakhOil" / JSC NC "KazMunayGas". Director of geology and geophysics department, the department of new projects, the department of geology and development.
2003- 2011. "KAZGEOCOSMOS" JSC. Chairman of the Board.
2011-2012. "Kazgeoinform" of Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use. Head. Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use. Deputy Chairman of the Committee.
2012- the present time JSC "Kazgeology". Deputy Chairman, Advisor to Chairman of the Board.
From 2015- till now. KAZRC Association - executive director.
Member of the Expert Council for geology and subsoil use of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.
Member of professional organizations PONEN, SME.

Kazakhstan's Code for Public reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZRC Code) - goals, objectives and implementation plans.


The reforms in the mining sector of Kazakhstan aimed at improving its investment attractiveness. One important area of reforms is the introduction of international reporting standards in exploration and mining.
For the development of reporting standards for solid minerals as a basis was taken CRIRSCO Template.
In this work representatives of many companies-subsoil users are involved, what allows to consider features of exploration and production of various types of solid minerals.
CRIRSCO Committee members provide great advice and methodological assistance.
In order to develop and implement new standards two non-profit self-regulatory organizations were formed KAZRC Association and PONEN, whose activities will also be carried out in accordance with the principles CRIRSCO.
Admission KAZRC Association in perspective as CRIRSCO member would mean international recognition of our standards.
The second stage of the reforms will be the legislative approval of the new reporting system in the Code on Subsoil and Subsoil Use, which must be adopted before the end of the year.
It is expected a real increase in the investment rating of the mining sector in Kazakhstan, as well as easier access to Kazakh companies to the markets and venture capital fundraising.

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