Juergen te Kook

Senior expert Strata Support and Geotechnic,

Dr. Juergen te Kook born in 1955 is Dipl. Geophysicist and PhD in Mining. Beneath others his main profession is Strata Control and Support technology. In the field he is official and accredited expert. During his 35 years employment by DMT a (International Engineering and Consulting company with more 650 employees) he managed or was involved in a large number of underground mine planning and Strata Control Projects from Spitsbergen in the North to Australia in the South and from Colombia in the West to China in the East. The experiences in Strata Control and Mine are published in 20 and international papers.

Application of modern tools and practices in resolving geotechnical challenges of Yidrim Voskhod mine


On behalf of the client Yildirim Group (YILDIRIM), DMT executed an extensive geotechnical investigation and numerical modelling for mining conditions at the Voskhod operations in Kazakhstan. The chromite ore is mined by the sublevel caving method. The overall objective was the control of strata in ore drifts of operating extraction areas, which includes technical advice regarding pillar fracturing and sidewall deformation.
After a necessary in-depth review and analysis of provided data the comprehensive geotechnical study included firstly, an evaluation of measured ore drift deformations with respect to geology, mine layout and mining sequence as well as strata control measures. Secondly, the resulting findings were used to calibrate a representative geotechnical numerical model. Thirdly, this model was used to forecast the movement and deformation for deeper mining levels. Conclusions and recommendations made with respect to any necessary strata control adjustments taking into account the future mine development.

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