David Pearce

General Director,
SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd

David Pearce is the General Director of SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd. He is also a Principal Mining Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in open-pit mining operations, both coal and hard-rock. He spent 11 years working on world-class mining operations in various roles before joining SRK in 1999. He has been involved with the development of resource-reserve reporting guidelines in Russia, provided training courses to Senior Managers at leading Russian companies, and understands the similarities and differences between Russian and international project design and reserve reporting methods and how to link them. This combination of experience enables David to provide advice and direction with regards to optimising operations and projects, as well conducting due diligence reviews when seeking investment.

Improving efficiencies - a road-map for the next decade


Many significant changes have been implemented since the commodities boom took off a decade ago: equipment fleets have been modernised, modern geological modelling and mine planning software applied, new information and control systems added. These have enabled productivity to be improved, increasing salaries in real terms whilst also making operations more competitive. The next steps on the journey towards global best practice will require the collection and analysis of detailed information, more flexible decision making structures (both in mines and in government), a better understanding of the factors which drive costs and revenue, and a restructuring of teams to be more co-operative. This presentation will provide a road map outlining the actions needed to successfully implement the changes and the potential challenges for implementing practices used globally in Kazakhstan due to differences in management cultures and business systems.

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