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AGT Systems is authorized supplier of advanced technologies for exploration industry. Specifically, AGT provides integrated systems, equipment and services in the fields of Geophysics, and the Geological, Geotechnical and Geochemical sciences, including land, airborne and marine systems.
Geosoft Oasis montaj and Target software packages provide a wide range of capabilities for geophysical, geochemical and geological data processing and interpretation, including 2D and 3D modeling.
AGT Systems provides warranty services and technical support, training and post-warranty services on request.

AGT Systems Ltd.
24 Smolnaya ul, Suite 1420
Moscow 124445 Russia
Tel./Fax: (7-495) 232-0786
E-mail: sales@agtsys.ru

AGT Systems Vostok Ltd.
Kazakhstan 050000 Almaty
Almalinskiy district
Seyfullina/Kabanbay Batyr
563/103 Suite 201
тел. +7- 771-578-5801,
E-mail: batracov@yandex.ru

AGT Systems NA.
15 Lake Shore Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, M8V 1Y9, Canada
Тел.: +1 (416) 801-70-55
E-mail: b.thuma@agtsys.ca

The Mining Industry Competence Center will be the first place in Kazakhstan to use the “model factory” concept to deploy and provide training in the most up-to-date methods of production optimization. It is being set up through the joint efforts of McKinsey and the Almaty Tech Garden autonomous cluster fund and will open its doors in the second half of 2016.The Center will run five-day training practical study courses for mining specialists in advanced and innovative labor management techniques, the basics of lean production and the use of in-depth data analysis in industry. The training will be conducted on equipment that simulates the processes in mining benefication plants. Participants will gain practical experience of production optimization that they can subsequently use to improve the performance of the companies in which they work and make a contribution to Kazakhstan’s economic development.The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan in line with the 63-rd  step of the “Nation plan – 100 specific steps to implement the five institutional reforms” program.


ТОО «КазГеоСинтетика» является первым и лидирующим в Казахстане отечественным производителем, выпускающим весь полный спектр современных геосинтетических материалов и ведущим свою деятельность с 2009 года. Завод производит: геотекстиль, геомембрану, геокомпозит, геокаркас, геосетку.
Компания обладает сертификатами менеджмента качества ISO 9001, экологического менеджмента ISO 14001 и менеджмента профессиональной безопасности и здоровья ISO 18001.
19.05.2009 г. ТОО получен сертификат о происхождении товара СТ- КZ за № КZ 9 646 01681, на основании которого предприятие внесено в Реестр отечественного производитля, утвержденного Решением Правления АО «Фонд Национального благосостояния Самрук-Казына» от 10.02.09 г. №04/09.
ТОО имеет Государственную лицензию на проектную деятельность от 13.01.2011 года.
ТОО имеет Государственную лицензию на строительно-монтажные работы от 23.12.2009 года.
ТОО разработаны и внедрены стандартов предприятия на весь ассортимент геосинтетиков, Технологические Регламенты производства продукции, Рекомендации по применению и укладке производимых геосинтетических материалов в условиях РК (в дорожном строительстве от 26.03.2009г. и гидротехническом строительстве от 22.11.2011г.).


SkyTEM Surveys is a leading International airborne geophysical survey company offering the acquisition and advanced processing of time-domain (TDEM) magnetic, and radiometric data.

SkyTEM Surveys has recently commercialized several new research initiatives which increase the dipole moment of their new 516 TEM system to over 1,000,000 NIA. SkyTEM is the inventor of MultiMoment® TEM systems and holds a patent for this technology. All SkyTEM systems utilize MultiMoment® technology to deliver combined high-resolution data in the near surface concurrent with data at depth.

Our deliverables include a diverse range of map products and visualizations such as 3D images and inversions available within 48 hours of acquisition.

Engineered to detect subtle geological variations SkyTEM delivers a comprehensive interpretation of near-surface geology and increases confidence in modeling deeper geology. SkyTEM’s suite of systems satisfies the most challenging mapping needs and offer a wide range of solutions for resource management.


Air Control – is one of the few in the world and only airline company in Central Asia, specializing in the implementation of unique aviation operations. We provide the following services:

  • Airborne geophysical survey
  • Flight inspection services
  • Aerial photography by using the latest laser scanner and air-survey equipment

Air fleet of Air Control airline consists of four new own aircraft and one aircraft in exploitation. All liners meet current international standards, equipping with modern equipment and facilities. We use only the advanced technology and the latest software from the world’s leading aviation industry. All works are performed by a reliable team of professionals.

Having own contemporary flight test and aerial complexes in Republic of Kazakhstan allows to provide in time and high quality flight inspections by any program.

Our customers and partners: RSE Kazaeronavigatsia, SE Kyrgyzairnavigation, JSC ARMATS, ATC Azerairnavigation, SUE Tajikairnavigation, RSE Kazgeodeziya, airports of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

We Doing More, Than Simple Flights!



CGG is a leader in cutting-edge geoscience. We have achieved leadership through a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to delivering the best sustainable solutions to our clients’ exploration challenges. We bring our clients a unique range of technologies, services and equipment designed to acquire extremely precise data and images of the Earth’s subsurface, and provide state-of-the-art software and services for analyzing that data and developing a deeper understanding of the subsurface for exploration and development of wide range of natural resources.
In all environments, we acquire, process and interpret surveys that provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of subsurface targets and their geological settings. We deliver our unique expertise in geoscience technology and project management through our three complementary business Divisions: Equipment, Acquisition and GGR (Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir).



Asahi Diamond Industrial is one of the world leaders in diamond products supporting the Geotechnical, Exploration and Mining sectors throughout the world with high quality, reliable and cost effective products.

Asahi Diamond Industrial through a stable supply of raw materials and through a constant development process can guarantee a stable high quality product across our product lines which cover a majority of the Mining Industry.

We supply the World with custom designed and manufactured Core Bits,Reaming Shells and Hole Openers in both Impregnated and Surface set, as well as a wide range of PCD Drill Bits, Stabilizers, Water Swivels, Core Barrels and spares, Diamond Drill Rods and Casing.


The Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra” LLP is a leading provider of a full range of services from delivery to thematic processing of Earth’s remote sensing data in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The core activities of the Company are focused on application of spectral remote sensing methods for geological surveys including special scientific researches and exporations.



DATAMINE is a world leading provider of the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in thirteen countries, DATAMINE provides solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modelling to mine planning and operations to over 1,400 companies worldwide. Our software solutions integrate with our consulting and training services to ensure that we provide our clients with industry-leading support and expertise.


Department of Subsoil Use is a structural subdivision of the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main task of the Department is to develop and implement the state policy in the areas of subsoil use, groundwater, therapeutic mud, solid minerals except coal and uranium.


DMT GmbH & Co. KG is an independent engineering and consulting company active all around the world. The firm’s activities focus on the fields of mining engineering, natural resources exploration, construction and infrastructure projects, safety in buildings, product testing and measurement instrumentation in industrial settings and cokemaking technology.

DMT provides consultancy services and assistance which are tailored specifically to the clients’ needs. It also provides impartial assessment or in the following six business units:

–            International Mining Consulting
–            Exploration & Geosurvey
–            Geo Engineering
–            Cokemaking Technology
–            Industry Systems
–            Building Safety

We provide multi-disciplinary engineering services to assist mining and exploration/development companies at all stages of the mining life-cycle, from the initial exploration stage, onwards. DMT´s joint-venture subsidiary IMC Montan is the leading consultancy, representing group´s interest and competence for over 20 years in cooperation with mining companies and investors in Russia and CIS countries.


The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) is an environmental treaty under the aegis of United Nations Environment Programme. CMS plays a key role in fostering dialogue on conservation and sustainable use of transboundary populations of Central Asian wildlife – among governments as well as with the private sector. Central Asia is home to some of the world’s most spectacular and ecologically important animal migrations. However, barriers to migration, habitat loss and poaching are among factors that currently threaten the survival of many migratory species. The Central Asian Mammals Initiative (CAMI) is a regional initiative within the Convention aiming to improve the conservation of 15 species of large mammals and their habitats, including the snow leopard, argali, saiga, wild camel, Mongolian gazelle and others. At Minex Central Asia Forum in 2016, CMS will be represented by the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) – the country’s largest nature conservation NGO with an extensive experience in conserving saiga, among other species, and the implementer of Kazakhstan’s Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative. We encourage the private sector to learn more about how they can contribute to the region’s conservation efforts at our information stand.



Fugro’s expertise in the collection and interpretation of data relating to the Earth’s surface and sub-surface supports mining operations from initial exploration and feasibility, through the development and operation of facilities, to eventual closure and decommissioning.


In diverse locations and environments, onshore and offshore, Fugro companies acquire and interpret earth and engineering data, provide specialist consultancy support, and assist in the discovery, identification, extraction and distribution of natural resources.

We specialise in integrating geotechnical, environmental, hydrological, geological and survey services to acquire and interpret data and provide insight and support.


Fugro provides the mining industry with numerous specialist geo-services, which are often integrated into a single-source package to streamline their delivery:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Satellite (inSAR) evaluation of ground stability
  • Geological data processing, analysis, interpretation and mapping
  • Earthquake and geohazard analysis
  • Aerial photography and mapping
  • Building concept studies and geotechnical design support
  • Geo-monitoring


Service Exploration Company GeoJet Exploration features necessary qualifications for planning and implementation of the full spectrum of exploration in mineral deposits for solid resources required for a subsoil user and an investor for project development at its any stage.

The mission of our Company is the adaptation of effective exploration methods to technological cycle of exploration for mining industry demands.

Sustainable development of the Company and advanced geophysical technologies is ensured by the operation of Proprietary Design Bureau, strong collaborative relationship with Divisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences on geophysics as well as practical experience of completed projects on various types of deposits around the globe.


IMC Montan is an independent international mining consultancy and one of the leading consulting companies in mining sector of Russia. The Group also includes such companies as DMT GmbH & Co. (Germany), WYG Plc. (UK).

IMC Montan successfully operating in Russia and the CIS since 1992. Since then the company implemented over 400 projects for Russian and international mining companies, investors and banks.

IMC Montan  is a recognized technical consultant and sector expert; its opinion is respected by analytical agencies, financial institutions and  Russian state surveillance bodies.

The range of the Company consulting services covers all solid minerals, all types of deposits and full cycle of the mine life.

Disciplines covered by the Company services include reserve audit in compliance with international standards, preparation of mining companies  for IPO, technical and technological consulting, feasibility studies, higher labour productivity or core business production build-up justification.


The main function of the Republican State Enterprise «Information Analytical Center for Geology and Mineral Resources» is prompt informational providing the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, domestic companies and potential investors of the current state and development perspectives in mineral raw material resources complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

IAC issues  different infrastructural maps -administrative, mining-metallurgic, oil and gas, electricity and power for every oblast and for the Republic in whole.

IAC provides geological information on certain fields for subsoil use for individuals and business units; issues References for all types of mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, references of legal act on subsoil use, analytical reviews, forms and supports informational data bases on subsoil and its use; exhibits the samples of natural treasures of Kazakhstan; provides educational work in geology and subsoil use for the young population of the Republic.


KazGeotech is a JV between a World leader in airborne geophysics Geotech Ltd. and JSC “National exploration company “Kazgeology”. The company is full equipped with World class technologies providing full service in helicopter and fixed-wing geophysics for mineral and hydrocarbons exploration, for geological surface and deep mapping, for hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations.



Scania operates in about 100 countries around the world. In Central Asia our company LLP Scania Central Asia is official distributor of Scania.


Full range of services:

  • Sale
  • International Financial Leasing
  • Service
  • Spare Parts
  • Driver training

Location of head office in Kazakhstan:
Kazakhstan, 040704, Almaty region., Ili district, Baiserke vil., Sultan Beibarys str., 3.


SGS Kazakhstan LTD is the Kazakh subsidiary of SGS S.A. and member of SGS Group, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 80’000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1500 offices and laboratories around the world with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Operating in Kazakhstan since March 1993, today we employ a staff of 125 people at our Almaty headquarters and the various branch offices and laboratories.


SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice that provides focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly in the earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, SRK offers services from exploration through feasibility, mine planning, and production to mine closure.

Formed in 1974, SRK now employs more than 1,400 professionals internationally in over 45 offices on 6 continents.

The Group’s independence is ensured by the fact that it is strictly a consultancy organisation, holding no equity in any project, and with ownership primarily by staff. This permits our consultants to provide clients with conflict-free and objective support on crucial issues. This is particularly important for due diligence and feasibility studies, which form a large part of SRK’s business.

SRK Consulting employs leading specialists in each field of science and engineering. Its seamless integration of services, and global base, has made the company a leading international practice in due diligence, feasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.

Among SRK’s 1,500 clients are most of the world’s major and medium-sized metal and industrial mineral mining houses, exploration companies, banks, petroleum exploration companies, construction firms and government departments.


WAI has provided the mineral industry with specialised geological, mining, processing and environmental expertise since 1987, initially as an independent company, but from 1999 as part of the Wardell Armstrong Group (WA). Our experience is worldwide and has concentrated on the metalliferous mining sector and coal.

Our parent company is a mining engineering/environmental consultancy that services the industrial minerals sector from nine regional offices in the UK and international offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. Total worldwide staff complement is now in excess of 300.

The Group provides a wide range of services for minerals-related projects. This ranges from preliminary exploration planning, through reserve estimation, mine design and financial appraisal, to bankable final feasibility study.

WAI has a strong client list, including companies and organisations from the private and public sectors, as well as many major lending institutions. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London stock exchange listings.